Content Actions

Content verification and enforcement aims to reflect the most up-to-date reviews from our travellers. That’s why we have a fast turnaround on our content moderation.

The process of checking submitted reviews is as follows:

  • Our machine learning algorithms perform the first round of checks – these could be accommodation reviews and photos shared by guests, replies written by partners, or other types of content. From the moment we receive a piece of content, it takes the algorithm only seconds to approve the content. That’s why the large majority of content is approved by our algorithms and is then published on
  • Content that wasn’t approved by the algorithms is routed to our team of moderators – when our algorithms identify potentially guideline-violating content, they send the content to our moderators for further review. We aim to review content within five business days and decide within that timeframe if it’s suitable to be published on
  • After a review is published, it can still be removed at a later date – this can happen because machine learning algorithms are performing ongoing checks every day.

Once approved, content is accessible via our platform and our apps. If our moderators deem that content violates one of our policies (including our content standards and guidelines) it won’t be published. Once a piece of content is removed, the decision can be appealed or a new version of the content can be submitted to us.

Appealing a moderation decision

When we remove a review, photo or other content item you’ve posted, we’ll make sure to tell you why in a simple message. You can then edit your content to meet the standards set out in our guidelines or appeal the decision to remove your content if you don’t agree with our moderation decision.

The appeal process

Once you’ve received a notification that states why your content was removed, you’ll be able to appeal the decision. To start the appeal, you can follow the link in the email letting you know your content was removed.

When you appeal the decision, our content moderators will review your content against our content guidelines once more and decide whether the content is appropriate to display on You’ll be notified of the outcome of our review by email.

Reporting content on

At, we work hard to maintain a platform filled with authentic travel experiences, appropriate for a global audience. If you ever come across illegal content on our platform please let us know.

Your feedback is crucial in ensuring a secure environment for everyone. To report any content you think might be illegal, follow the link to our reporting form.